Create Your Own Birthday / Party Kit

Bring Curly Girl Candy Shop home for your party!
We’ve put together a party kit for you with candy party favors and a candy craft. Just unpack & HAVE FUN!

Each kit comes with a sticker pack & Curly Girl Candy Shop bag for the birthday child.

Curly Girl candy assortment in paint can container
Candy Buffet Bowls
Party Favors

Pre-filled Curly Girl Candy Shop pail – $11/person
We fill the candy pails and provide you with ready to go favors! Once the candy is gone, the pails can be reused for storing small items.

Pre-filled Curly Girl Candy Shop bags – $7/person
We fill the small stickered bags and provide you with ready to go favors!

Empty Curly Girl Candy Shop pails – $5/person
A nice option for any time you need to address dietary restrictions. The pail looks like everyone else’s, but you can fill with your own candy or snacks.

Do-it-Yourself Candy Buffet (minimum 10 people)
A fun option for larger parties. You select the candies you want from a list provided & then we provide the fun. DIY kit includes the candy, candy labels, bowls, scoops/tongs and your choice of candy container – a Curly Girl Candy Shop pail or our branded small plastic bag.

You just pour the candy into the bowls, put out the labels and utensils and you’ve got a DIY Candy Buffet.

Everyone will be very impressed & it’s FUN!

  • with Curly Girl Candy Shop pail = $15/person
  • with Curly Girl Candy Shop bag = $11/person
rainbow jelly bean flower
Candy Craft

Make your own Curly Girl candy kaleidoscope kit – $10/child
Ages 6+; 6-7 may need assistance
Includes all components and candy.
(Scotch tape & markers/crayons/stickers to customize kaleidoscope not included.)

Curly Girl candy collage kit – $8/child
Ages 4+
Includes 6”x6” cardstock and candy for collage.
(Glue not included. Elmer’s washable, no run School Glue Gel works great.)

Curly Girl jelly bean art kit – $8/child
Ages 4+
Includes 8”x8” cardstock with stenciled image and jelly beans for filling in.
(Glue not included. Elmer’s washable, no run School Glue Gel works great.)

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Events & Catering

Everyone loves candy!

Make your event stand out with Curly Girl Candy Shop candy catering!

Welcome Treats

Give a little treat for out-of-town guests when checking into their hotel. Provide a fun surprise at each table setting. Offer a grab-and-go goody bag to event attendees. Whatever the reason, we can put together little bags of sweetness for you with candy of your choice from a list of options. $3/per bag

Ask about customization options.

If you’re looking for something a little bigger, check out Party Favors in the Create your Own Birthday/Party Kit section.

candy buffet
Party Attendees at a candy buffet
Candy Buffet

Add a little whimsy to your event with a fun Candy Buffet! Candy Buffets are colorful, delicious, and fun for both children & adults.

  • You tell us how many people at your event.
  • You select the candies you want from over 100 options!
  • You select the candy container – small bag or small pail.
  • Curly Girl Candy Shop handles all the details including providing the candy and candy containers, setting up the buffet table with serving containers and utensils, and staffing the buffet to keep serving bowls full and the table neat & clean.

Pricing varies depending upon the number of event attendees and pounds of candy needed. Please complete the form to get more information & a price estimate.

  • Catering must be scheduled at least 2 months prior to event.
  • Candy Buffets subject to availability.
  • No catering events will be available during the month of October.

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