Bulk Bins

With over 80 bulk bins of gummy, sour, chocolate, licorice & more you’re bound to find something you love!

rainbow gummi bears gummi pizza slices
snow caps candy color straws gummies
sugary colorful rings gummy fruit salad
Lobster claw candies
Boston baked beans candy
malt balls Strawberry and banana candy
Rainbow candy strips rainbow sugary squares
Mini M&Ms Gummy bananas
mini fruit slices lots of mini gummi butterflies
sour worms Candy lego
red and black berries candy gummy twin cherries
sour cherry bunches Chocolate covered animal crackers

Wrapped Bulk

All your favorites for your candy bag!

Silver, original Hershey Kisses packages of York Peppermint Patties
Original Lemon Head candies different flavored Jaw Busters
original Starbursts candies gold coin candy chocolate
mini Reeses cups sixlets
Strawberry and lemonade wild cherry flavored boxes of Nerds individual War Head Extreme sour candies
Different flavored mini Laffy Taffy fruit chews
Mini Charleston Chew vanilla bars Bit O Honey
mini Twix bars Razzles
Goetze's Bulls-Eyes Brachs caramel
different flavored Jolly Ranchers hard candies Pixie Stix
Chick O Stick mini bites Tootsie Pops
Double Bubble original gum

It's Always Halloween in Salem

We carry Halloween candy and treats all year long!

candy corn
eyeball gummies
skull and bones gummies halloween candy corn mix
Halloween Candies Sugar candy bones
jelly candy body parts
halloween monster chocolates

Sugar Free

We carry a great selection of sugar-free candies; more than the standard hard candies!

sugar free red vines Sugar Free Werther's Originals
sugar free root beer barrel candies Sugar Free Jelly Belly
sugar free gummy bears Sugar Free Butterscotch
sugar free gummy worms Sugar Free Hard Candy
Jols sugar free orange, forest berries, or blackcurrant Pastilles Sugar Free Licorice Vines
sugar free peanut butter bars Sugar Free Taffy

Nostalgic Candy

Take a trip down memory lane with our great selection of nostalgic candies!

Astro Pop Sugar Daddy Milk Caramel pops
package of Nik-L-Nip mini drinks box of Mega Smarties
Satellite Wafers Chuckles Candy
box of Sky Bar chocolate Abba-Zaba chewy taffy bars
Candy Buttons different flavored Pop Rocks packages
Necco wafers Fun Dip

Jelly Beans

Over 50 flavors!

mango jelly beans
citrus mix jelly beans watermelon jelly beans
toasted marshmallow jelly beans
berry blue jelly beans tutti fruit-t jelly beans
green apple jelly beans
Krispy Kreme Jelly Belly island punch jelly beans
peach jelly beans coconut jelly beans
root beer jelly beans
bubble gum jelly beans juicy pear jelly beans
orange sherbert jelly beans blue raspberry jelly beans
strawberry cheesecake jelly beans cotton candy jelly beans

Popular Novelty Candy

All the coolest candy!

box of mini gummy tacos Toxic Waste Slime Lickers
Pink and blue Baby Bottle Pops Sour Nerds
bag of Efrutti lunch bag gummies Ring Pops
green, blue, and red Quick Blast sour candy spray bottles Pocky
Mini gummy sushi
Raindrops Mini Gummy Noodles in takeout box
bag of Toxic Waste Nuclear Fusion Hazardously sour candy Cow Tails
Gummy Pizza
Donuts Holes in a bag Cry Baby Tears Extra Sour Candy
can of Toxic Waste Hazardously sour candy After Shocks Popping Candy
Blue and pink Nerds ropes in boxes. Cake Batter in a Bag
package of Nik-L-Nip mini drinks Rock Candy


Welcome to PEZ-land! We have over 100 PEZ dispensers to choose from in all your favorite characters.

Assortment of Pez packages on a wall display

Unique Candy

Looking to try something new?

Salem Items

Fun designs you’ll only find at Curly Girl Candy Shop along with store branded items!

Curly Girl Candy Shop red tee shirt
Curly Girl Candy Shop colorful draw string bags


So many fun shapes and amazing flavors!

Funny shaped lollipops in a row


No standard soda here!

Glass bottle beverages


Way more than just bubblegum!

different types of bubblegum


In addition to an amazing candy selection, we also carry great gift items.

magnets with different images

Have an idea for something new we should offer?

Did you visit the store and not see your favorite candy? You never know … if enough people have the same idea as you, we just might add it to our offerings.

Complete this form to let us know what you’d like to see. No guarantees we’ll be able to find and/or sell your idea, but I can promise we’ll look into & consider it!

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