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Fundraising Policy

Curly Girl Candy Shop is excited to be part of the Salem community and believes in giving back. We would love to support all the amazing causes and organizations in our community but as a brand-new small business working to get established and still dealing with supply-chain and labor issues, we have limited resources and bandwidth for charitable donations. Even with these issues, we are committed to the community and have developed our Sweet Support program.

The Sweet Support program is our primary method of giving to our community. Each month, we select a Salem/North Shore-based 501(c) organization to be the Sweet Support beneficiary. We sell a lollipop at the registers for $1 and all profits from that sale go to the organization. Information on how to have your organization considered for the Sweet Support calendar is below.

We understand not every good cause is an official non-profit organization and for that reason we offer Fundraising Days and Product Donations. An explanation and information for how to participate in these programs is detailed below.

Believe us, we wish we could support all the great causes in this amazing Salem community. In the meantime, we’ll do our best to bring you sweetness all year long!

Sweet Support

To qualify as an organization for a month of Sweet Support you must have 501(c) certification and have an affiliate office on the North Shore or conduct more than 50% of your outreach on the North Shore.

The calendar has been determined for 2022. Applications are being accepted for 2023. You may not request a specific month. Organizations will be told when they have been accepted but each month’s organization will not be announced publicly until shortly before that month.

If accepted, Curly Girl Candy Shop will promote the organization on social media during the month to encourage patronage & it is expected that the organization will promote the effort on their social media as well as with employees and patrons.

To apply for Sweet Support, please complete the below form.

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Fundraising Day

At this time, only organizations supporting children specifically will be considered for a Fundraising Day.

A Fundraising Day is a weekday event where 15% of the proceeds from the sale of bulk candy will be donated to the organization.

Shoppers must tell the associate before checkout that they are shopping on behalf of the organization in order for the donation to be applied.

Curly Girl Candy Shop will promote the Fundraising Day on social media but it is primarily the responsibility of the organization to promote the event and drive traffic to increase the performance of the fundraiser.

Fundraising Days may not occur on holidays and there will be none conducted during the months of September or October. There are a limited number of Fundraising Days available per month. You may request a particular day but there are no guarantees you will receive the day you request.

There is a limited monthly/annual budget for fundraising days.

To apply for a Fundraising Day, please complete the below form.

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Product Donations

Curly Girl Candy Shop will consider product donations for charity/fundraising events. At this time, we’ll only be able to provide donations for organizations specifically supporting children. Product donations will consist of bulk candy in a format deemed appropriate for the event.

  • There is a limited monthly/annual budget for product donations.
  • Donation requests must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the date needed.
  • We will be unable to fulfill product donation requests during September & October.
  • To request a product donation for your event, please complete the below form:

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